Weather station data

This website displays the realtime observations of two weather stations installed on and near the Frankenny Ice Rise, Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica (see map below). One station is situated on the ice rise divide (at about 350 m elevation above sea level), whereas the other station is located on the leeward (i.e. west) side of the ice rise (at around 50 m above sea level). The observations will give us crucial information about the difference in weather (wind speed and direction, temperature, radiation, snow height, etc.) between the different locations, which is useful for understanding the impact of the ice rise on local climate gradients.

The Mass2Ant project

Mass2Ant is the acronym of the Belspo (Belgian Science Policy Office) -funded project "East Antarctic surface mass balance in the Anthropocene: observations and multiscale modelling”. This project aims to better understand the processes controlling the surface mass balance in East Antarctica, its variability in the recent past and, ultimately, improve the projection of mass balance changes of the East Antarctic ice sheet. More information on the project is found at the Mass2Ant webpage.

Location of weather stations